Wherwood Culture

It's a way of life built on our core values.

Here at Wherwood, we understand how the values embedded in our culture - community, hard work, perseverance, respect - contribute directly to our success. We believe there's a better way to be - not just as professionals, but as people. We're here to create a space where everyone's welcome, whether they're learning woodworking or shipping rail cars full of lumber. To shape a community where every voice has a chance to be heard, where every person is valued, respected, and offered a safe place to thrive. We are from a small town but our goals are big. Achieving them starts with the core values that we live and breathe every day.


Carefully examine every facet of the argument

The core values of Wherwood


We believe in prioritizing sustainable development and always keeping three things in mind: social progress, economic development, and the environment. We will think in terms of true cost rather than short-term gains and treat the planet with respect for the sake of future generations. We will work hard to ensure our community lives this value as well.


We believe in being the same people we are online and offline, in the office and outside of it. We deeply respect and strongly encourage free expression to celebrate our differences in opinion and diversity of backgrounds in an environment that nurtures and values us all.


We believe open, accessible information is the only way to help others. We will represent ourselves and our intentions honestly to our customers and our coworkers, sharing as much of the truth as we can without sacrificing our other values.


We believe that teamwork does in fact make the dream work and the only way forward is together. We will over-deliver when we can, providing our customers and our community with more than their money’s worth. We believe in giving back without asking for anything in return and that providing value and helping others is the only way to help yourself.


Be the exception. We will question everything and avoid the assumption that existing norms are the right path. We choose to build our products and company in a way that critically examines best practices, often paving a different, better path forward.


We strive to make our work more enjoyable and not take ourselves too seriously. We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a welcoming, laid back work environment, and make every effort to bring positivity to our customers and community.

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