The Wherwood Story

Forests are the future. we are the future of forest products.

At Wherwood, we believe small businesses in the Forestry and Wood Products Industry hold the key to fighting climate change and achieving sustainable development. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help them thrive in the digital age. We focus on creating a collaborative, innovative industry by connecting buyers, suppliers, end users, and recyclers. The digital revolution's impact on forest products has been relatively limited, and we see that as an opportunity: We're excited to grow the future of our forests through our software, education, and community.

Our Founding

Wherwood was founded by Seth Bowser in 2017. It was called Venderium and started as software and services for supplier discovery, supplier environmental impact management, and supply chain collaboration for wood pallets and packaging. He premiered a beta to a group of buyers and suppliers, and that hub of industry expertise transformed into a community of businesses eager for innovation and led us to create some of our first networking tools.

Early growth & Funding

After a glimpse of the demand, Seth shifted focus from consulting to our software, adding Tanner Kerschbaumer as a co-founder to power the development of new tools and ideas . By 2020, we had expanded our network of professionals to over 4,000, broadened our focus to the forest products industry as a whole, and entered the Founder Institute incubator and startup launch program before exiting after the onset of the pandemic. 

The New Normal

With COVID in full swing, nearly every industry shifted further into the digital realm as working remote and zoom meetings became the new way of doing business. As markets and uncertainty skyrocketed, we expanded our networking efforts to determine how we could help companies with this transition. We released a suite of network-based tools social media, ecommerce, and brand management including the launch of the largest directory for North American forestry and wood products businesses in the world. 

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