Seth Bowser

Founder | CEO

5th generation Lumberman

Industrial Design Engineer

Designed 500+ products (pallets, crates & shipping containers)

Reduced average quote lead time from 5 days to 48 hours

Inside Sales Coordinator

$10.7 million in sales

66% of quotes converted to sales

Hardwood  Buyer

Increased suppliers from 3 mills to 11

Increased annual purchase volume from $100k to $1 million

Published Physicist with Penn State

Optimization Expert

Experimental Design Expert

Tanner Kerschbaumer

Co-Founder | Sales

Born in the hardwood belt

B.S in supply chain management, with a minor in Safety Sciences

 Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Project Management

Managed multiple construction and fabrication projects worth up to $200,000

5 Years experience in building and construction

Purchased lumber from multiple local sources for projects being worked on

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