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This listing is for 1/2" x 2" face #1/btr Rift&Quartered Red Oak square-edge long length plank flooring. One 24 square foot box Specifically, we manufacture this flooring to replace original plank flooring in the early 1920-1950's era Craftsman-style homes that dot the landscape of Southern California, as well as many other areas of the country. It is ideal for historic restorations, antique flooring renovations, reproduction flooring, plank repairs. Because factory flooring is manufactured different today than it was 100 years ago, many homeowners have a difficult time finding a suitable match for their historic oak plank flooring in stores. Patching new off-the-rack flooring into an antique historic floor can yield spotty results. Even if the oak looks similar, the original flooring is often longer length than the replacement and sometimes just doesn't look right. Here is how our flooring can help: Our high-quality tight grain oak has the appearance of old-growth historic plank flooring. Our planks are much longer than most commercially available unfinished plank flooring Our 1/2" x 2" matches the old-style strip flooring dimensions that many distributors no longer stock Our flooring is made in the USA in our Fontana, California mill. We are the manufacturer. Our flooring has an old-growth look without the difficulties and cost associated with procuring an actual reclaimed oak plank floor. Ships in 24 sq/ft boxes via UPS ground. Larger orders can be shipped by truck, if needed. Local pickup is available. Here are the specifications: 1/2" Solid Red Oak Flooring 2" Face width Unfinished Square edge profile Long length with no end match 60"+ average plank length #1/btr grade Made in the USA Sq Ft per box / 24 * 10% of proceeds go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary of Kanab, UT. Returns within 30 days, no problem. Buyer is responsible for shipping. Thanks for looking. Please message me with any questions. Thanks, Steve

An elegant and practical system that is seismically compliant and simple to install and remove.

Alvar Aalto’s classic touch is seen in 9Wood’s Dowel Grille. Its design lineage makes it timeless.

Rough Cut Black Walnut slabs 13' long 15-25" wide 2.25" thick 160-700 per slab, or take the whole pile for 2500 before winter buries it in snow. Not Kiln Dried. There is some metal in the buttend, that is not included in the BF tally when these were scaled and priced.

Great looking, fully accessible from below, a natural choice when style and function are required.

The 9Wood Baffle offers the visual definition of large, vertically-oriented members free of t-bar, backers, or other cross-members.

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