Find Board Edgers

Entry-level single blade board edger with one 10" carbide-tipped blade, 10HP gas engine, 2 ¼" max board thickness and 12" max finished board width.

Entry-level twin blade board edger with manual blade adjustment, gas power, one fixed/one adjustable 10” carbide-tipped circular blades, 20 ½” max width capacity, 12” max finished board width, and 30 fpm belt driven feed system.

The EG200 is a high-production twin blade board edger with gas/diesel/electric power, one fixed/ one adjustable 14” carbide-tipped blades, 24 ¾" max flitch width, 2" max board thickness, 15" max finished board width, 55-70 fpm powered roller feed system and an optional trailer package.

The EG400 is an industrial twin blade board edger with 30HP electric power, two moveable 16” carbide-tipped blades, 36” max flitch width, 4” board thickness, 28” max finished board width, and up to 111 fpm feed system.

The Wood-Mizer TITAN EA3000 Vision Optimized Edger System uses advanced camera scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste edging of boards. The entire edging process is automated – from incoming boards to scanning to sawing. Capable of handling up to 20 boards per minute, the high performing EA3000 is a revolutionary machine that combines robust construction and advanced technology into an affordable solution.

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