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We have a massive selection of locally sourced urban hardwoods.

Looking for a bundle of 2x10

Fresh sawn black walnut slabs. 4’ to 8’ long 6” to 14” wide 1” to 2” thick Priced in chalk on each one $15 to $35 each slab I’m sorry but I do not ship. I’m located in upstate New York. Zip code 14824

Dimensions vary, 6'-9'L x 15"-20"W x 2"-3"T. THESE SLABS ARE NOT DRY. $100 any length x 2" thick. $200 any length x 3" thick.

I have around 40,000 board feet of mixed hardwood lumber. We purchased the building and the wood was inside. It has been stored here for 20+ years. It was kiln-dried at one point but some of it currently has powder post beatles and some bundles have gotten wet from a leaky roof. Most of the bundles are mixed species but there are some single species bundles. Lots of bundles still have bands on them. We have found walnut, maple, hickory, pecan, poplar, pine, cherry, red and white oak. I would like to sell the whole lot at once to make room in the warehouse. Will consider selling full bundles.

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