All Wood Slabs

I have 1 log flat sawn into slabs and 1 smaller log yet to be milled. This log was ethically salvaged from a multi generation farm. 36"at the widest and 8ft long.

I have multiple logs slabbed out from salvaged logs from my property. Sized from 4-15ft and up to 36" wide. FB/Instagram @woodapeslabs

We have some gorgeous live-edge Curly Ambrosia Red Maple slabs for sale These have been KILN dried and are ready to work with *First couple pictures shows a piece we created with this wood for a customer, so you can get a better idea of how this wood looks finished* Many more available than pictured! PRICES VARY PER SLAB: $325-$450 ~ The Tree Trunk Sawmill & Woodshop Westfield, NC Fb.com/TheTreeTrunkNC

Rough Cut Black Walnut slabs 13' long 15-25" wide 2.25" thick 160-700 per slab, or take the whole pile for 2500 before winter buries it in snow. Not Kiln Dried. There is some metal in the buttend, that is not included in the BF tally when these were scaled and priced.

We maintain a variety of kiln-dried live edge slabs that are perfect for outdoor use.

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